We are driven by a mission to provide innovation pivot for human comfort and habitation. We leverage on the network of great human resources.

As an innovation driven company, we boast of first-class technologies and equipment, we are confident to provide our clients with customized geospatial solutions. Our professionalism and detailed understanding of the geospatial industry stands us out in meeting new challenges in the fast developing geospatial technology industry.

We can deliver accurate geo-information data, high-quality survey and mapping equipment, and user-friendly platforms to our customers. Globalclique Technology expertise is tailored to the need of organizations and individuals that want to analyze and deal with locational information - whether in the form of GPS coordinate or GIS based data.

Over the years, we have supported professionals in the built environment - particularly urban planners and real estate consultants. Our geospatial solution has been widely used in Navigation, Site Selection and Planning, Geospatial Intelligence, Business Planning, Environmental Management. Etc

We are also the people's choice for bespoke IT Solution and technology hardware procurement.