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All cars manufactured since 1996 have a standard, built-in computer system and microprocessors to help detect any technical fault in the vehicle, MS309 Car Scanners/OBD are manufactured with these computers in mind,

With our MS309 CAN OBD II CAR SCANNERS, your car repair becomes timely and ensure stable auto maintenance.

We know that untrained and incompetent auto-repair technicians have caused havoc to a lot of car owners due to their usual trial and error, dubious and exploitative approach. 

We want to help car owners save money, time and find out what is wrong with their car prior to workshop repair or calling the attention of auto-repair technicians,




Toyota Corolla 2007 Owner

"I love this Device. Smart Car Scanner (MS309) was worth a fortune to my car; I now help my fam18ily to scan their cars without spending a dime at repair shops."

Fadare Bolaji

Lexus RX330 Owner

I am so pleased with this product. It really saves me time and effort. Smart Car Scanner is exactly what my car has been lacking. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with how it troubleshoots my car. Man, I saved a lot of money on my car. No more trial and error at repair workshops."

Bamidele Ajibade

Toyota Corolla 2004 Owner

This gadget is excellent. Not able to tell you how happy I am with Smart Car Scanner. The best among my car accessories! Smart Car Scanner device impressed me on multiple levels. Thank you Globalclique for letting me know about this tool"

Taiwo Moradeyo

Honda Accord 2010 Model Owner

Great Tool, I will definitely be ordering again for my dad! Smart Car Scanner did exactly what you said it does. It's all good. Globalclique saved me money!!!"

Wale Adepoju

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