Global Positioning System – GPS is another revolutionary technology being used in professional real estate practice and decision making. It gives the required locational intelligence that can support sound real estate business decisions.

Everybody wants to know where a property is located on the map, they want to know whether a property is close to a major highway or far away from the road, they are curious about knowing major landmarks surrounding a property. All these can be achieved with the aid of GPS technology integrating with modern field mapping application to solve complex real estate problems.

Integrating GPS with the necessary mapping based software will support your practice with the required locational intelligence and a proper understanding of neighborhoods where properties are located.

GPS and supporting software application is much used in real estate valuation/appraisal, property market research, site selection, and planning etc. – applicable in analyzing the economic benefits of one location over another.

We can support and assist you with the necessary GPS technology solution in your real estate practice.