Laser Measuring Tape or Laser tape , may sometimes be referred to as laser distance measure or laser distance meter, is a modern alternative to the traditional tape measure. It is digital in nature and does the work of project measuring faster.


Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Builders, Estate Surveyors, Interior Designers, Town Planners, Engineers, Home Inspectors, Space Managers, Facility Managers, Contractors, Tilers, Kitchen Fitters, Flooring Contractors, Engineers, Environmental Managers, Geographers, Crime Scene Investigators, Accident Inspectors, Interior Decorators, Etc.

Laser Measuring Tape is as simple as operating a phone, for example...if you want to measure a simple distance, the user must place the instrument at one end of the line that is to be measured and aim the laser beam/light (usually a red light) at a solid target such as a wall or cabinet or any object. If a solid object is not available then a plastic target can be placed at the required destination to allow the laser beam to be reflected.

Please note, many laser measuring tapes usually work indoor ... simply because you need to see the laser light end point in order to establish the actual distance.




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