Globalclique will help you map your location based data into a visually appealing information that can be utilized by professionals to make sound and detailed decisions.

We are fully equipped with cutting edge technologies to collect and analyze land based information. Our company is endowed with the knowledge of Geographic Information System.

We deploy various GNSS and satellite mapping solution to validate and verify our mapping activities in order to enhance the accuracy and precision of our data.

Because we maintain great collaboration with satellite imageries providers. Globalclique can help you map every aspect of human endeavor from urban land uses, to housing to agriculture, to slum, to assets and utility mapping, to industrial regions etc, whatever your mapping need,  we ensure accuracy and precision.

We can help you in the mapping of utilities and infrastructure,  our broad range of mapping support include; power and energy utility (transformers, power lines, pipe lines, oil wells and rigs), water utility (boreholes, water pipes, plants and dams) and transportation utility (bridges, roads, rails etc).